Sleep Consultancy

Is your baby/child having difficulty settling or sleeping through the night? Are you increasingly tired, irritable and falling out with your partner because of this?

Sleep is a major public health issue. When a baby/child does not sleep their parents don’t sleep either. Poor sleep can have a significant impact on family life, which can result in accidents, increased parental anxiety, postnatal depression and breakdown in couple relationships.

Making sure your child gets good, sound sleep ensures he or she will have a sound foundation for proper mind and body development. Also, there will be greater harmony within the family!

By using the latest sleep techniques and gentle approaches, we can demonstrate how you can create and maintain good sleep patterns for your child.

Here are some examples of the most common sleep habits that children get into:

• Need to be rocked or stroked to sleep
• Will only settle to sleep at breast or bottle
• Babies over six month or young children looking for a feed during the night
• Can only sleep with their parent
• Refusing or delaying going to bed
• Refusing to stay in bed
• Wakening during the night.

Children need to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own, and we are confident that we can solve the most common of children’s sleep difficulties within 3-6 weeks.


A sleep package cost £160 and consists of four face to face consultations in your own home (depending where you live,) and up to four telephone contacts. This package runs over a period of four months as you may need further support down the line.